Ebokini Armor UUNP (Kissmiax) 4K

Note: ENB used - Essentia ENB full power


To know if this armor is for you, you must pass the test, first.

Do you like ebony? Yes?  Good! (good answer) +1pt
Do you like bikinis? Yes?  Very good! (good answer) +1pt

You passed the test. You can potentialy download this armor.

Before to download, you must have some precious advices :)

It's necessary to use Cabal ebony retextures https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37487/?
Not absolutly required, but it's simply better with them. Armor textures will be finest.

Armor! Armor! What armor? I agree .....this is small...very small. This is what we call "skimpy" i believe :) It doesn't cover a lot...but that's the concept.
A true skimpy armor with "true" protection. Your legs and your arms will be very protected for sure.
Not sure with the rest of the body.

To wear this type of armor, you must have THE BODY i believe. My characters like "Diana" or "Idye" can't wear this armor. The armor fits very well to muscular bodies, highly shaped, with strong specular textures. Well, that's my vision.
So, my Orc Kissmiax is very welcome to wear this "armor".
You can notice i'm using Fairskin Complexion as a base texture. Who said FSC is a flat skin without details? Probably peoples who don't know FSC and its high quality. You are the judge. 

Earings are HDT-PE. Very well done. They move very well. A touch of femininity in this brutal world.
A crossbow and bolts come with the armor. They are really high quality. Bolts explode too.
The crossbow shines in the night...that's superb.

So.....skimpy? yes of course, but the armor is very well done, with taste and details. Combined with Cabal textures, the mix is excellent. If you have the good character to wear this armor, it has definitly a potential.
I forgot to say that the bodyslide is perfect. What did you except with Diablio? I'm sure he had fun when creating the bodyslide...
Me , i had fun when i took shots.

The job is done...and well done.

Global skimpy score

Ebokini armor original by Gutris1

Ebokini Armor UUNP conversion by Diablio